So while the old WoWWiki/WoWPedia interface was nice and all, it was decidedly clunky and a bit dull. In order to promote better navigability steps have been taken to promote more friendly interfaces. Rather than have class guides on a bunch of pages that you have to go looking for, the League of Legends Wiki provided an example interface on how to go about it. In order to help new players identify which classes they want to play, I also used their gradient bars system to help lay out information about the classes.

Thanks League of Legends Wiki, even if none of them read this I'd still rather thank them than not, and give credit where it's due. Likewise I'd like to extend a thanks to WoWPedia/WoWWiki for providing information (and many of the base pages of this Wiki, as well as most images).

Admittedly this wiki has been more of a side project than anything, but I still enjoy working on it when I do. Unfortunately I can't always dedicate days at a time like this, so I'll keep working on it at my own pace. And if no one's reading, that's fine too.

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