To use the various class portal crests, the following syntax is used:

{{ClassPortal|Class Name}}

The following are valid values:

Druid - A hybrid class which specializes in healing over time effects and utilizes shape-shifting for its other roles
Hunter - A purist DPS class which is granted a beast companion to aid them in combat
Mage - A purist DPS class with a great deal of crowd control, they utilize the powers of arcane, fire, and frost magic
Paladin - A plate-wearing hybrid class who may either tank, DPS, or heal using their magic granted by the light
Priest - A cloth-wearing faith based healer and DPS who utilizes either holy or shadow magic depending upon role
Rogue - A purist DPS class with some crowd control abilities that deals the highest melee damage in any class
Shaman - A nature hybrid class which employs totems for crowd buffs as well as AOE heals and nature abilities to assist
Warlock - A purist DPS class who makes contracts with daemons to do their bidding in exchange for souls and power
Warrior - A plate-wearing melee class who may either tank or DPS, with focuses on either dual wielding or two-handing

An example of usage is:

Ui-charactercreate-classes mage
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