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Naga Siren

Naga siren


The Naga Siren
from Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

Sirens are the primary naga spellcaster. Naga sirens are the female mage variant for naga, also known as "naga mage".[1] Sirens are more common than naga sea witches, but still deadly, using their magic to incapacitate foes so the naga myrmidons can sweep in and finish them off.[2] The racial iconic naga mage is called a siren, and she slithers forward with her brethren, glaives clutched in two of her arms. The other two weave arcane energy, and she protects her allies and decimates her opponents with her spells. She is assured and arrogant, and with good reason.

The naga are powerful arcane spellcasters. Night elves invented the art, after all, and the naga have had 10,000 years to refine it. Indeed, the greatest mortal mage ever to live is the naga queen Azshara, who still lives. In fact, she may no longer be mortal. Naga women are their race’s spellcasters, and over the millennia they have developed a number of talents and techniques related to their art. Through intense study they learn to expand their repertoires to include other, unrelated spells. Their spells strike with the fury of the sea, whipping and crushing their opponents. Naga magi receive some military training as well.[3]

The sirens, having once been highborne women, have fearsome powers at their disposal. They appeared in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. They are trained at the Shrine of Azshara. Their Parasite ability can corrupt enemies, turning them into a watery minion, while their Frost Shield protects friendly units from harm. The sirens can create whirlpools while underwater, to entrap enemies, and when they returned to the surface, they discovered that this skill could be used in exactly the same manner as the Cyclone spell of the druids of the talon. Sirens gather to sing and practice magic at the Shrines of Azshara, where they are also trained in the higher levels of their insidious arts. Because of this, they may be responsible for the taming and training of the coatl.

They can speak Common, Low Common, Nazja, and Nerglish.[2]


The Sirens were Greek demonesses who were birds with the heads of women (similar to the harpy) granted with the power of illusion. In Spanish, "sirena" also refers to mermaids, who are much more similar to the naga siren (this reflects the Renaissance artistic tradition of painting the Sirens as Mermaids). They tempted sailors into drowning themselves or becoming their next meals. The most famous encounter with them is recorded in Homer's The Odyssey.


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