Example of weapon with "Sharpened" buff.

A consumable item that adds an imbue to an Edged weapon that temporarily increases Weapon damage and some also increase Critical strike. Most are created with Blacksmithing. As of Patch 2.3, sharpening stones last 1 hour.

As of Patch 3.0, sharpening stones can no longer be used on any weapon whose Item Level is higher than 165.

Additional info:

Sharpening Stones

Sharpening Stones
Sharpening Stone Effect Level Source
[Adamantite Sharpening Stone] +12 Weapon damage and +14 Critical strike 60 Blacksmithing 350
[Fel Sharpening Stone]| +12 Weapon damage 50 Blacksmithing 300
[Elemental Sharpening Stone] +28 Critical strike 50 Blacksmithing 300
[Consecrated Sharpening Stone] +170 Attack power against Undead 50 Quest reward
[Dense Sharpening Stone]| +8 Weapon damage 35 Blacksmithing 250
[Solid Sharpening Stone] +6 Weapon damage 25 Blacksmithing 200
[Heavy Sharpening Stone] +4 Weapon damage 15 Blacksmithing 125
[Coarse Sharpening Stone] +3 Weapon damage 5 Blacksmithing 65
[Rough Sharpening Stone] +2 Weapon damage 1 Blacksmithing 1
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