Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin.png Paladin
the Holy warrior
Attributes DPS, Healer, Tank Armor Types Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate, Shield, Libram (Relic)
Weapon Types Axes (2h), Maces (2h), Swords (2h), Polearms, Unarmed
Races Dwarf, Human
Physicaldamage.png 60
Defensepower.png 80
Spellpower.png 40
Difficulty.png 40
Health 28 Strength +2*
Mana 59 Agility 0
Stamina +2
Intellect 0*
Spirit +1
* - Denotes any major statistic.

Paladins play a key role by buffing their allies. However, they also have a few other handy spells and abilities in their arsenal.


In addition to spell buffs (see Blessings below) paladins have the ability to use auras, area-of-effect buffs that boost the abilities of all party members within a certain radius. Only one aura may be active per paladin, but multiple paladins can use different auras within a group (although two paladins using the same aura gain no additional effect instead defaulting to the aura cast by the higher level paladin). The auras themselves cost no mana to operate, have no innate cooldown (other than the Global Cooldown), and may be switched between at will.


Blessings are spell buffs that can be cast on most friendly targets. Buffs can be combat-oriented such as Blessing of Might, or mana efficient such as Blessing of Wisdom. There's always use for general utility buffs like Blessing of Kings. And for raid buffing there's nothing more useful than Greater Blessings which allowed a paladin to buff every class of the same type at once, rather than spend more mana over time.

Finishing Move

A signature finishing blow, Hammer of Wrath is an instant cast spell used on enemies with 20% or lower health. This spell has a cooldown of 6 seconds, and a range of 30 yards. Happening within a blink of an eye, the graphic actually consists of two hammers. One of which is wielded and "thrown" by the player while the other bolts directly towards their enemy in the same instant.

WoWScrnShot Hammer Of Wrath

Hammer of Wrath

It is most commonly used against enemies who are fleeing due to its range, but it is also used in the last stages of battles against bosses.


Main article: Seal (ability)

Seals are short-term combat buffs which boost the paladin's power temporarily. Effectively, they add a weapon proc to their melee strikes. Additionally, paladins can unleash these seals upon an enemy, causing different effects. It is possible to use multiple judgements on an enemy to synergize but can be very mana consuming.


Main article: Judgement (ability)

Judgements are secondary effects of the Judgement spell which depend on which seal is currently active on a paladin. Effective use of judgements results in higher damage yields by a paladin. The optional class quest for the paladin spell Summon Charger (which requires level 60) requires utilizing the correct judgements on appearing wraiths and ghosts in order to kill them (usually in one hit).


Paladins have very mana efficient healing spell in the form of Holy Light, and a somewhat mana efficient emergency heal in Flash of Light. Holy paladins have the Holy Shock spell, which is both super fast and low-cost (albeit with a cooldown). And for all paladins there is finally the Judgement of Light spell, which places a debuff on a target that heals whomever should strike that target in melee combat for a small amount.