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Lifelike Mechanical Toad will summon and dismiss Lifelike Toad, a toad companion.


Lifelike Toad

Lifelike Mechanical Toads are crafted by engineers with a skill level of 265.

The components are:
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1x [Living Essence]
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4x [Thorium Widget]
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1x Gold Power Core
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1x [Rugged Leather]

The recipe for this item is taught by [Schematic: Lifelike Mechanical Toad], a world drop.


As the name suggests, it is incredibly lifelike; it looks just like an ordinary toad!

This pet may be a reference to the Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, the basis for the film Blade Runner. In the novel, the protagonist discovers a toad out in the desert, only to discover it is a lifelike mechanical toad.

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