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Arcane is primarily used by Mages and Druids. It has long been one of the least used resistances. Gnomes, having an affinity for arcane energies, benefit from a permanent +10 Arcane Resistance as a Racial Trait.

Resistable spells

  • Druid: Moonfire, Starfire
  • Hunter: Arcane Shot, Concussive Shot, Flare, Hunter's Mark, Volley
  • Mage: Arcane Missiles, Arcane Explosion, Counterspell, Polymorph
  • Priest: Starshards

Items with Arcane resistance

  • Leather:
    • Enchanted Clefthoof: 100 AR, 84 Stam, 3 pieces: boots(2 blue, 6 AP), gloves(2 blue, 6 AP, legs(3 blue, 8 AP)
  • Mail: To be updated
  • Plate:
    • Enchanted Adamantite: 140 AR, 96 Stam, 4 pieces: belt(1 blue 1 yellow, 3 defense rating), boots(1 red 1 blue, 3 dodge rating), chest(2 blue 1 yellow, 4 hit rating) and legs(1 red 2 blue, 4 defense rating)

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