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• 2/27/2018

How to use the self analysis

HI people,
I have wondered now a while now about how the self analysis worked because there is a bar with white and black on it and with numbers to. Please can someone help
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• 11/30/2017

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• 11/2/2017

anti aging cream guide

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• 8/21/2017

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• 9/9/2016

Been a while, some interesting new features on Wikia

So I've been playing around with the maps feature, making a map of Azeroth. I'd LIKE it to be a complete map eventually. Have changed a few peoples' group statuses, appointing mods (and wondering why I didn't do so before). I've not demoted anyone, but I would like to promote people.
I've also turned off Anonymous editing, that is, editing without a user account. Honestly when I started this wiki, it was a feature that I wanted a lot, but it just didn't exist. I'm glad that wikia has added in a simple tick box to allow the toggling of this feature. No more vandalism from people without accounts. It won't stop vandalism from people with accounts, but we can ban them all the same.
Anyway just working on some stuff, but yeah the "new" maps feature is of interest.
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